Dear Research Participant,

We hope you are well during these trying times.

The Center for Translational Research in Aging and Longevity is now open for in-person visits. To ensure maximum safety we are following guidelines of the CDC, FDA, and Texas A&M University. We are limiting the number of participants per day to ensure appropriate physical “social” distancing. In addition to our standards of infection control, we have protocols to intensify cleaning and disinfection procedures before and between participants. 

A partial list of policies are as follows:

  1. We will be staggering appointment times to promote social distancing and reduce the number of participants in the building. 
  2. There is now a designated visitor and participant entrance. All visitors and participants will enter through the sliding doors close to the street. There are also designated areas with signs limited to staff access.
  3. Please contact your study coordinator if you think you will be early or late. You may also use the doorbell or the phone number posted on the sliding door. 
  4. The day before each visit to CTRAL we will be asking various containment questions to ensure the safety of those coming to our facility. Upon arrival for your study day, you will be asked to sign the form stating you answered these questions honestly.
  5. Once in the building, we will take your temperature and ask a few containment questions about recent health and travel. Staff undergo the same temperature checks and containment questions.
  6. Per CDC, city, and Texas A&M regulations all staff and participants will be required to wear a mask at ALL times, unless instructed for a specific measurement. These masks will be provided for you in the building. 
  7. Strict hand washing protocols are implemented and gloves will be used by staff during contact with participants.We are being very meticulous with cleaning as well. We clean every door handle, bed, chair, and countertop in every clinic room as well as waiting and common areas. 

Lastly and most importantly, please do NOT come if you feel sick with cough, chills, fever, sore throat, aches or pains. If you have any questions or wish to talk with our staff, please call 979-422-1789.

We look forward to seeing you for one of our studies!