Current Students

Catherine Wellman

Major: Biotechnology
Anticipated graduation: May 2017
What you like about working @ CTRAL: Diverse learning opportunities and accommodating for student workers’ needs
Future plans: Discovering or manufacturing therapeutic compounds
Interest: Cooking, zoology, working out, Netflix

Elizabeth Karkour

Major:Biomedical Science
Expected Graduation: May 2017
Future plans: include attending medical school (with an interest in Anesthesiology or General Surgery)
I really enjoy learning from, and working with a diverse staff at CTRAL
I enjoy traveling and baking.

Lisa Jansen

Major: Life Sciences, specialization zoology.
What do you like about working at CTRAL: I like working at CTRAL because of all the welcoming colleagues and because of the great work experience that I get here. I think it is nice that the projects have a clear goal for human health later in the research phase, which emphasizes the importance of the work that is being done.
Future plans: Graduating in July 2017, then work in the laboratory and especially zoology field on a project I like.

Sarah Kirschner

Major: Clinical Nutrition
What do you like about working at CTRAL: I like working at CTRAL because the team and the participants are very friendly and multinational. The research projects are very interesting and important to improve the lives of people with chronic diseases
Future plans: Graduating in August 2017 and finding an interesting job afterwards

Jenease Calderon

Major: Biology
Anticipated Graduation: December 2017
What I like most about working at CTRAL is the technical experience I have gained in a professional lab setting. This job opportunity has truly facinated my interest by all that science has to offer.
Future plans: I plan to attend Texas A&Ms very own medical school and thereafter pursue a specialty in Neurology.
Interest: Coming from both Chinese and Japanese heritage, I enjoy exploring Asian culture. Also I have a passion for arts and crafts, specially origami, collage and scrapbooking.

Andrea Krenek

Major: Pursuing a double degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019
What I like about working @ CTRAL: Actively learning and experiencing the methods of how clinical research evolves into a publication has been an incredible opportunity, accompanied by new knowledge, skills, and especially enjoyable interactions with study participants and personnel.
Interests: Siding with nutrition and exercise, I enjoy cooking, running, circuit and weight training, and photography.
Future Plans: Through research and clinical dietetics, I aspire to emanate the power of nutrition and movement as the strongest influences of prevention, treatment, and performance

Natalya Haveliwala

Major: Kinesiology
Graduation: 2018
Interest: Dance and travel
What do I like working at CTRAL: Everyone is very helpful and understanding, and the fact that there are different experiments going on, but everyone is working and learning together.
Future plans: Physical Therapy

Erin Orozco

Major: Kinesiology, Minor in Sport ManagementGraduation: May 2017

Interest: I don’t have a specific one, but effects of cancer on metabolism is very interesting to me!
What I like about working at CTRAL: Meeting and interacting with the subjects!
Future plans: Medical school
Hooriya Sulaiman

Major – Double majoring in Biochemistry & Genetics
Anticipated graduation – May 2017
Interest – Cooking Indian food, Henna designing, Writing, Travelling
What you like about working @ CTRAL – As a pre-med when I started working at CTRAL, I was helping the Researchers in lab. After learning a lot in the lab I moved into the clinical area and got lot of clinical exposure and then later on got the opportunity to intern and do research as well. The best part of working at CTRAL was the flexibility I got in working. I got exposure to all the fields and that would not have been possible had it been anywhere else. The other best part of working at CTRAL is the diversity here. Be it the Researchers, interns or the student workers, everyone has a different background and you get to meet people from different countries.
Future plans – To pursue an MD/PhD and specialize in OB/GYN

Briana Bywaters

Christian Seua

Erik Flores

Henriette “Jet” Siemons

Justin Jakubisin

Karat Sidhu

Logan Schugart

Madeline Rodenaugh

Matthew Oxford

Rebecca Elder

Roxana Rodriguez-Mendoza

Sarah Kirschner

Saumia Thomas

Shelbie Carr

Former Students

Tony Duran

Major: B.S. in Health – Allied Health Concentration, Minor: Biomedical Sciences
Anticipated graduation: August 2016 (graduated)
Interest: health & fitness, medicine, languages, and writing. Also enjoy random Pokemon Go playing and visiting the zoo.
What you like about working @ CTRAL: I love the interaction with subjects and staff from all backgrounds. You learn something new everyday and I find that quite fascinating. I also find the introduction to translational research interesting. My favorite part is probably working along with the research nurses.
Future plans: Long-term plans include practice in healthcare. There is still a little indecision between PA and Med School. I would like to stay in Texas for school and possibly work in an under-served medical area.
Macey Normyle

Major: Allied Health
Anticipated Graduation: May 2017
What I like about working @ CTRAL: I love the camaraderie of the entire CTRAL staff and the fact that everyone will have a smile on their face.
Future Plans: I want to go to nursing school in the future.
Interest: I love baking, especially chocolate chip cookies.

Courtney E. Erickson

Major: B.S. in Biomedical Sciences; Minor: Spanish Language
Anticipated Graduation: December 2016
What I like about working @ CTRAL: What I love most about CTRAL is the wonderful community of employees and study participants. I have learned so much from everyone! I particularly enjoy learning how to care for subjects, take vitals, and assess health from our Research Nurse.
Future Plans: I plan on earning a degree in Midwifery and serving women in my community. I hope to help many mothers have safe, calm births and welcome many babies into the world!.
Interest: I enjoy sewing, camping with my boyfriend and pup, eating yummy food, reading books about parenting, traveling and watching birth videos.

Michelle Schroeder

Major : Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology; Minor in Psychology
Anticipated graduation: August 2016
What you like about working @ CTRAL: I like that I get to learn how to use all the technology equipment such as the DEXA scan and know how to analyze the results. Working on the clinical side of research is fun such as helping with muscle biopsies, interacting with patients during clinical testing, helping with gathering samples from patients, and learning more about certain diseases and nutrition.
Future plans: I am going to get my Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies and become a PA. As a PA, I plan on working in either Pediatrics, Orthopedics, or Family Medicine.
Interest: playing sports, volunteering with Special Olympics, medicine, traveling the world, nutrition, and helping others

Sera Jacob

Major: Biomedical Sciences
Graduation: May 2018
Interest: coffee! chatting with friends, reading, baking, watching Netflix and shopping
What you like about working @ CTRAL: I love taking care of our subjects! It gives me joy to see them comfortable and happy, enjoying their experience at CTRAL. I also like learning about all the different research studies we have and seeing the work that all the researchers and employees put into helping the medical community and the flexibility it provides for me as a student worker.
Future Plans: To attend medical school and pursue missionary work

Iris Rijnaarts

Major: Nutrition
Anticipated graduation: 1 November 2016
What I like about working @ CTRAL: working with the participants and in a close multidisciplinary team.
Future plans: working as a nutrition researcher
Interest: The relationship between nutrition and disease, and how nutrition can help maintain your health

Aide Trejo

Amanda Henry

Amber Giles

Annemieke Salentijn

Heather Barreda

Hunter McSpedden

Lindsey Alderink

Mary O’Donnell

Rylea Milson

Whitney Mantooth