“Where did I leave my keys?”

“I can’t remember her name!”

“Where are my glasses?”

If you have mild memory complaints like these or if you are diagnosed with dementia, please contact us to participate in a nutritional research study.


Requirements for participants:

55 years and older

NO major health concerns

This study involves 1 screening visit and 2 test days (each test day approx. 8-9 hours) held at Texas A&M. Eligible participants may receive up to $170 upon completion.


If you, your spouse, family or a friend might be interested please contact us.

Department of Health and Kinesiology

1700 Research Parkway, suite 210

Email: research@ctral.org

Phone: 979.422.1789

Visit our website at http://www.ctral.tamu.edu

TAMU IRB2014-0065 Approval Date: 01/25/2016; Expiration Date: 01/15/2017

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